Curaçao Tourist Board Europe


Research showed that the vast majority of Dutch know Curaçao as an extraordinary tropical paradise with Dutch cultural heritage in the Caribbean Sea. On top of that, the sunny island wasn’t particularly top of mind among young and curious travelers seeking more than just sun and sandy beaches.
But what they didn’t know is that Curaçao offers great variety and many unexpected and exciting places to explore… And it’s those surprising elements that they didn’t know about, that make a visit to island a holiday to remember. Our main insight was born: the perfect holiday consists of a carefully balanced mix of familiarity and unexpected experiences. Creating the unexpected is what we set out to do.
To inspire the young target audience, we partnered with an up and coming travel blogger to become “Curaçao reporter“ for a week, dive up these hidden island pearls and share them with the world. This reporter was key in our strategy; not only because she shared her unexpected experiences through her social media channels, but mostly because her entire day‐to‐day program was determined by tips and stories shared by locals and travelers online and on social media. For the first time of its kind, engaging content was spontaneously generated with the experts passionately spreading the word – and a glimpse of the surprising island world, among peers and potential travelers, inspiring many!
The campaign gave inhabitants of Curaçao the opportunity to share what they love most about their island, while creating a pool of rich content to be used for future social, press and marketing purposes. Moreover, the campaign was timed to ‘happen’ in November, so on‐message content was meeting potential travelers the moment they started their online holiday orientation.