How cars predicted Dutch general elections

In September 2012, the media was heating up for the final stage of the Dutch elections. Public conversations and media centered around political parties, their key players and polls. The amount of undecided voters had never been so high so close to election day, and a great part of Dutch citizens were looking for clues for how to vote.
We decided to give them a clue very close to the election with a lighthearted angle from an unexpected source. Could we enter this very cluttered conversation and make a commercial message relevant? The answer is yes!
Marktplaats (part of eBay classifieds) is the biggest trade platform in the Netherlands for nearly every product. With 6,5 million unique monthly visitors, everyone knows Marktplaats. Based on visitors and volume of cars, their used car section was the biggest car platform in the Netherlands,  but it was not always recognized as such by potential buyers and sellers and trade media.
The key message that Marktplaats has a car for everybody, in every occasion needed to get more attention across the different audiences, especially trade media.
In order to create the stereotypes for different car brands, we set‐up and executed quantitative consumer research (N=1000) where we asked consumers to connect the different party leaders to cars. To translate the raw data and visualize the stereotypes with a maximum effect, we created a strong visual cue through an infographic as a campaign carrier.
The infographic was used to carry the key message and to procreate an extra proof point to support that message. By adding monthly search volumes of the different (stereotyped) cars, we were able to tell a corporate story and predict the Dutch elections.
The infographic was not only used to aim directly at consumers via social media, but was also used to enforce traditional media outreach and could be added to on‐ and offline publications as well. The infographic therefore was the perfect bridge between traditional outreach and consumer activation.